Residency Application

General Rental and Occupancy Criteria Guidelines

1. Age Requirement 2. Legal Status 3. Occupancy Standard 4. Income Requirement 5. Self Employment 6. Employment Verification 7. Residency 8. Credit Requirements 9. Criminal History 10. Declined Applications may include 1 or more of the following: 11. Application Fee 12. Deposit Requirements 13. Pet Deposit requirements 14. Co-Signers/Guarantors HEERS COMMUNITIES RENTAL CRITERIA ARE GUIDELINES, WHICH ENABLE US TO ACCEPT AS PROSPECTIVE RESIDENTS THOSE INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE CREDIT WORTHY AND DO NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL CONVICTION THAT IS DENIABLE PER AS CORPORATE POLICY. THIS RENTAL CRITERIA DOES NOT ENSURE THAT ALL INDIVIDUALS RESIDING ON OR VISITING THE COMMUNITY CONFORM TO THESE GUIDELINES.

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