3 Bedroom Apartments

3 Bedroom Apartments

Three Bedroom Apartments in Phoenix, AZ & Las Vegas, NV - Heers

Three-Bedroom Floor Plans in Phoenix

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Phoenix, Heers Management properties are where you need to go. Heers Management has multiple apartment properties with three-bedroom apartments that are spacious and have many other great benefits. They come with already-installed and ready-to-use appliances and have beautiful flooring in the common areas, such as living rooms and hallways.

The three-bedroom apartments come in two sizes – 1,053 square feet and 1258 square feet. No matter which one you choose, there’s plenty of space for families, college roommates or recent graduates who are on a budget. 

Both options come with features such as an outdoor patio, extra storage space and a discrete laundry room – all of which are very useful when you have multiple people sharing a home. 

Perfect for the Family

With three bedrooms and two baths, there is enough room in these apartments for everyone in the family to live comfortably and even have their own space. On top of enough rooms for everyone, there are also extra spaces within the apartment for when you or the kids need a change of environment. For example, the patio is a great way to enjoy some fresh air while still being home. With enough space to roam, you easily could have a quick yoga session on the patio or set yourself up on a patio table and work outside for a bit.

Are the kids feeling a bit restless staying inside on a rainy day? Consider setting up a family game night in the spacious living room area. There’s enough room to play everything from charades to Twister.

The layout of the apartment is also a great thing for families. The master bedroom doesn’t share walls with the other rooms, meaning the children’s noise won’t be overbearing, but the rooms are close enough that parents can still maintain a watchful eye on the children.

Another bonus of the layout is the location of the laundry area; it is conveniently in a nook between all three rooms, making the laundry process as easy as walking the clothes out of the room and right back in once they’re clean. No need to deal with strange and hidden laundry rooms outside on the patio or hidden adjacent to the kitchen.

The high breakfast bar is also a fun addition. With enough space for stools, you can create a perfect little area for morning breakfast before heading out for work and school.

A College Sweet Spot

If you’re in college and looking to live off-campus, a three-bedroom apartment is the perfect alternative to living in a typical college dorm. An apartment rental in Phoenix is neither expensive nor small, at least not the ones available through Heers Management.

The three bedrooms make it so each roommate can have his or her own world within a room. Each has enough space that it can hold a bed and a desk, making it a comfortable place to rest, study and work.

The spacious living room can serve as the perfect group study spot as well as a great space to hang out with friends. The patio area also can serve as great hangout or study spot when you need some fresh air, or it can serve as a perfect spot for morning exercise.

The high breakfast bar can serve as the general eating area, freeing up the dining area for other uses, such as a dedicated space for studying or someone’s main work area.

Heers Management also provides its tenants with helpful information on how to making the moving process easier and enjoyable as well as constant updates on what is going on within the community.

Apartment Specials

Our current specials include a $100 off move-in special when you sign a 13-month lease on a select unit at our Parkwood and Cameron Apartments. The Cove Apartments feature $100 off the first month’s rent for select units when you sign a 13-month lease. You also have the chance to receive $100 off administration fees if you like the Cove Apartments’ Facebook page.

All are great specials and are a great way to save when it comes to move-in costs. With an extra $100 in your pocket, you have the freedom to invest in other aspects of the apartment, such as a new piece of decor or, better yet, a night out. Specials are subject to change at any time, so take advantage of the offer while it is still available.

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Want to go ahead and apply for an apartment? Our application is available online for your convenience, and once you move in your rent payments can also be handled online.

Feel free to reach out to Heers Management with any questions you may have or to schedule a tour of the Phoenix or Las Vegas apartments we have available. A member of the staff will gladly assist you with whatever you need. Your next three-bedroom apartment is only a call away!